Friday, October 13, 2006

Hello everybody!


Starting from today, this is my new blog, where I'm going to try to post interesting stuff related to .NET programming as often I can. I don't have extraordinary experience as a software developer, but I think the newcomers in the software development industry would benefit from this, because I can still "speak their language", the language of beginners let's say. All interesting stuff that I learn I will try to present it as simple as it could be.
My main point of interest when writing software is to benefit from this process as much as I can, learning new design patterns, learning new architecture related stuff, and always wanting to improve myself professionally.

I am sure that many of you are not pleased of what you are currently developing, probably you think you don't learn anything at your job lately, but here is still hope : ) . If you do it your way. When developing, you should also try to think about you, about what you are learning, about how you are improving yourself, don’t limit yourself to do something functionally correct and as fast as you can do it.

In the future posts, I’m going to try to present how I’m trying to benefit from my work. I’m hoping that by doing this, somebody would benefit from it. I’m also open for suggestions, because I’m not a know-it-all person. So please don’t hesitate to comment/argue with me.

I will also include a lot of technical details of course. This is not a philosophical blog (as it would have appeared : ) ), or one of those blogs written by somebody who has nothing better to do than writing his opinion about life or something, so expect to find code and very technical stuff. This blog is for developers, so if you’re not a developer, I think I’m going to bore you, sorry : ).

See you soon.

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